Name: Caleb
Child ID: 115988
State: Nevada
Birthday: 11/2003
Grade in School: 8
Special Interests: Robots, math
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino, Caucasian/White
Listed On: 06/2017

Sibling Name: Joshua
Child ID: 115989
State: Nevada
Birthday: 10/2001
Grade in School: 10
Special Interests: Robotics, math, art
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino, Caucasian/White
Listed On: 06/2017

Robotics and math are mutual interests of Joshua and Caleb!

Being a member of school clubs keeps Joshua busy! Robotics, art, and technology clubs exercise his mind and bring him happiness. Joshua enjoys building robots in his robotics class with the help of a teacher. Some interesting facts about this teen are that his favorite color is green, he likes most foods but favors apples, blueberries, and tacos, and his superpower of choice is teleportation. Joshua is a kind, helpful, an all around great kid. This eighth grader would like to become a math teacher when he grows up.

Robots capture Caleb's attention like nothing else! Becoming a superhero is something he dreams of daily and would like to have a laser eye and super strong, stretchy arms. Caleb can often be heard saying kind and thoughtful things about the important people in his life. As an outgoing eighth-grader, he maintains many friendships and is considering becoming a math teacher when he grows up.

A two-parent family is preferred; however, their caseworker will consider all family types. These brothers have hearts of gold and would thrive in a home that offers patience and unconditional love. Joshua and Caleb love dogs and do well with them. We only accept inquiries on the sibling pair, who will be placed together. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For Nevada children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Nevada families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so.

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