Name: Aria
Child ID: 86593
State: Utah
Birthday: 01/2000
Grade in School: 12
Special Interests: Fashion, singing, vampire stories
Ethnicity: African American/Black
Listed On: 01/2018

This fashionista is always dressed to impress! The confident and multi-talented Aria isn't afraid to share her beautiful singing voice and graceful dance moves with others. She has been described as a sweet teen with a wonderful sense of humor. What really gets Aria excited is her passion for vampire shows, books, and movies. Purple is her preferred color, and her dearest wish is to become a world-famous actor or singer!

Aria is a twelfth grader who enjoys working hard on her schoolwork.

Aria would do best in a family with a mom and a dad, a single mom, two moms, or two dads, who have pets in the home. She has a close relationship with her brother that will need to be maintained following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed homestudy are encouraged to inquire.